July 25, 2011

Attention Fellow Girl Bloggers: Join Me As I Teach My First Class For Skillshare!

I am pleased to announce the first class I've agreed to teach for Skillshare. It's called "Blogging Basics for Girls" and it's gonna be the raddest class about blogging you'll ever attend.

Here's the class description:
Blogging Basics for Girls

"Blogging Basics for Girls" will teach girl bloggers of all skill levels how to maximize their blog's potential. We will go over things all bloggers should know. Everything from the pros and cons of different platforms, analyzing stats, implementing RSS feeds, and utilizing social media effectively will be discussed in a relaxed and fun environment. All women are welcome to attend whether you've had a blog for years or just started yours on a whim last week and have no idea what an RSS feed is or why you should have one. Don't worry about it; I'll guide you through it all. Sorry, guys! This class is for women only.

Feel free to bring something to take notes on. You can bring your laptop if you want, but it's not mandatory. I plan on showing an entertaining Powerpoint presentation along with a funny lecture so come hang out, have a drink from the bar, and enjoy yourself while we go over ways to kick your blog into high gear.

After the class, I will email all the students a cheat sheet with any relevant links I talked about so you can explore them further at your convenience.
It's all going down on Wednesday, Sept. 7th from 7pm - 9pm at the Field House. I have room for 20 students and the cost is only $15. Register here.


Ashley said...

What if we're long distance and can't get to Philadelphia, but would love your blogger tips?

Anna said...

Send me your email address and I'll make sure you'll get a copy of the cheat sheet!

Anonymous said...

why is this a gender-specific course?

Anna said...

Techy stuff can be intimidating so I wanted to create a space where girls can come and feel free to ask questions. I attended a woman's college so I'm a fan of women's-only classes.

I have nothing against teaching a class to guys and I certainly might in the future, but for this one, I wanted to do something for other women bloggers. Does that answer your question?

MLvS said...

Definitely want the cheat sheet since I turned those guys on to you and all of your wonderfulness. :)

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