July 29, 2011

Contest Time: Win A Date To Grab Dinner And A Movie in Old City

I posted a contest the other day where the prize was a date in the suburbs. However, I decided to nix it because I was able to hook you guys up with an even BETTER date that I thought you would dig even more. One lucky winner will receive:
Dinner and a movie in Old City: HOW COOL IS THAT? To win, all you gotta do is tell us about the weirdest/ funniest/ strangest thing you've ever done to impress a date. The best story will win.

Think you have a great story to submit? Put "Shania Twain wasn't impressed and neither was my date" in the subject line and email it to me at hi [at] shmittenkitten.com. The contest ends this Sunday, July 31st at 5pm. I'll notify the winner by email. We'll give you dinner and a movie, but it's up to you to decide if you're going to hold hands in the theater and/or kiss your date on the lips at the end of the night. You're on your own with that one, Bud.

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Modern Haredi said...

Dinner and a movie in The Old City? Wow, cool! I thought all that was in The Old City was the Kotel, falafel stands and Judaica tchochkes.

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