July 19, 2011

I Somehow Can't Shake The Feeling That This Relates To My Love Life

I think I'm going to enjoy a cute, goofy treat, but I always seem to end up with a sloppy, unsightly mess that'll fall apart in my hands AND be a bitch to clean up.

That's my deep thought for the day.



Anonymous said...

This is an excellent, accurate example of a persistent malaise of our time. The problem, however, is not in your cookies, whether metaphorical or actual.

The problem is in the comparison between your cute, fun, home-baked cookie-monster cupcakes and the cookie-monster cupcakes created by a professional bakery. Unless you spend a few years training yourself as a professional baker, your work will never, ever look like professional work... and that's just fine. If my sweetie bought me a dozen of those cupcakes from the top image, it would be sweet and lovely. If she spent a few hours baking me a dozen cupcakes that turned out slightly runny and demented-looking, I might secretly weep at the sweetness of the moment, while she scuffed her toe and pointed out their imperfections.

Of course, all this makes me wonder which professional efforts you are comparing your love life to? Which shiny, shiny Hollywood products with prefab eyeballs and puffy blue icing are you judging yourself and your slightly runny and demented-looking boyfriends against? Can they ever measure up? Can you? Do either of you even want to?

Anna said...

I'm comparing some of the men I've met to the dependable, honest, loving, confident men I see the women around me date. Both my sisters have great men in their lives. A lot of my friends are married to fantastic guys.

I'm not comparing anyone to Hollywood standards, I'm just saying I keep getting the sloppy messes with the wonky eyes (and not in a good way).

Anonymous said...

If the difference isn't just fluffy, piped Hollywood icing, what do you think the difference really is? Clearly you are comparing "A" cupcakes to "B" cupcakes, and noting that the "B" cupcakes don't quite rate. Regardless of my presumptions about your source of "A" cupcakes, doesn't the comparison, itself, tell you something you can use?

Despite the twist in your metaphor placing you in the role of the baker of the "B" cupcakes, I think I've read enough to know that you are NOT making the classic mistake of saying, 'this "B" cupcake will be just as good as the "A" cupcakes as soon as I ice it properly.' (As a very wise squirrel often said, "that trick never works!")

Somehow the "B" cupcakes keep ending up on your plate, though. SOMETHING is allowing that to happen: some principle of life or behavior or something is operating here. I doubt that it's about imaginary things like fate or destiny. It's much more likely to be about choices of some kind, on some level.

Which ones, though?

Lora said...

Bahahah I can't stop laughing at those photos. This relates to pretty much every aspect of my life.

Anonymous said...

All is not lost! Some cookies are more monstrous than others.

Anonymous said...

Listen brunhib, I'm pretty sure this was supposed to be funny, not a post for you to lecture Anna with your amateur psychology.

Anonymous said...

man, bruhinb... you must not be on the dating scene because you sound like an asshole haha.

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