August 2, 2011

He's Gotta Quit Talking To Me About How Hot That Other Girl Is

She's hot; I got the memo. He likes her dress; message received. I hear him loud and clear: she's at least a 9. Yes, she has a great ass. Yes, I'm sure she works out. 

I'm not sure how this trend of being his hot girl confidante started, but I gotta nip this shit in the bud quick because honestly, I'd rather listen to construction on my roof at 7am on a Sunday morning than hear him prattle on about these other women.

I'd rather listen to the song "Castle on the Cloud" from the Les Misérables soundtrack (aka the worst song of all time) for 24 hours straight than have his inane chatter enter my ear canal. Seriously, at this point, I'd rather listen to a full-length CD of nothing but microphone feedback and children's crying than be an audience to his constant comments.

I don't expect to be the only woman that would ever turn his head and I'm not insecure, but he doesn't need to give me a play-by-play of his thought process every time a moderately hot woman enters his field of vision. For the love of god, stuff it! It's rude.


Anonymous said...

Tell him she has a dick and the girl is really a dude.

Anonymous said...

He seriously doesnt need to be doing that; if he is looking at other girls...
wait he shouldnt be. YOU should be the only girl he looks at; if he thinks that he can look at other girls, the relationship isnt strong. dump. him.

NoSale said...

THIS is what's up. also props on Steve Buscemi gif.

Anonymous said...

I'd speculate about what he is really leading up to, but you don't even want to think about that...

Ashley said...

oh so sadly, I know exactly what this feels like!

the real winner that I was dating back in October used to do this ALL the damn time!

He was the, "she's cute. I'd bone her." commenting-type.

He even broke up with me by telling me, "I don't think I've slept with enough girls yet..."

*at age 26 he had only been with his former long-time girlfriend, a girl he works with, a random that I don't remember and then lucky #4, me

granted, I love to dish out compliments when due (hey, if you are willing to spend that much time working out, then kudos to you because I know I sure as hell won't!)

but come on man!

you find EVERY girl relatively attractive enough to bone?!


Anonymous said...

My ex did this, and often he would go on about features I don't have. For him it was redheads.

I finally said, "If you haven't noticed, I have never, do not, and will probably never have red hair. If it's that important to you, go find a a red haired girl to date."

Anonymous said...

excessive blabbering about a hot chick is rude no matter what, so i agree with anna's post..but to the one about them never looking at another chick. yikes, i hope that was a joke! they are dudes. its just what they do. like we don't double take a hot dude. 'pshyeah!

Anna said...

I think you might've read it wrong because it said that "I don't expect to be the only woman that would ever turn his head" meaning that I totally get that he'll look at other girls. I'm fine with that. I check other guys out too! It's natural. The problem I have is when he talks about other women he's attracted to in front of me. That sucks.

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