August 8, 2011

I Love Love Love Guys Who Look Good In The Summer

I know, Ricki, I'm stoked on his outfit too
Well, looky who just breezed into the barbecue with a six-pack of Kenzingers and the best fucking summer outfit I've ever seen in my entire life? I scanned him up and down. Everything was perfect:
  • A pair of dirty, low-cut Chucks: BAM!
  • Slim jean cutoff shorts that frayed at the knee: BAM!
  • A soft, thin summery t-shirt: FUCKING BAM!
  • Messy hair that's getting in his eyes: BAM!
  • A little bit of sweat on his collar: HOLY SHIT FUCKING BAM!
Fuuuuuck. He looks like if Huck Finn mated with a member of the Strokes and their baby popped out and released a digital EP for free download. He looks like the Patron Saint of Giving High Fives. 

I wanna smell his earlobe. I wanna lick his neck. I wanna pop off his shirt and write my name on his back with my fingernail. I wanna take him to my favorite spot for iced coffee. I wanna see him lean against my stove and nod as I tell him about my day. I wanna play him my favorite Bob Dylan songs. I wanna hear about his old band (for up to five minutes.) I wanna make him grilled cheese. I wanna fall asleep in an air conditioned room with his arms around me watching episodes of The Universe.

This guy and his ratty outfit is the best thing about summer, HANDS DOWN.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Please snatch up all of these guys, so the rest of us never have to deal with them.

Anonymous said...

not before giving some of them to me

Anonymous said...

so looking dirty and poor and wearing jorts is your definition of the perfect summer outfit?

Anna said...

No, looking like you just walked into a Fishtown house party is the perfect summer outfit.

Tim said...

Anna, you give us all hope.
Dirty Summer Guy

Anonymous said...

i don't know about the kenzinger...I feel like a Dock Street Growler is a little sexier/nerdier

Anonymous said...

Before I even read the description of the outfit, I knew he'd be wearing frayed jorts. I'd be allll about this guy.

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