August 30, 2011

The Rollercoaster of Emotions Brought On By His Accidental Butt Dial

I get excited when a guy I haven't heard from in a long time calls me and leaves a voicemail message.

Then I get sad when I realize it was an accidental butt dial because the 12 minute-long message is his back pocket rubbing against his phone.

Then I get happy again because my number's still in his cell.

Then I get sad again because the only time I hear from him is by accident.


Unknown said...

is there really anything better than expressing emotions through gifs?

Suze said...

hahaha true story

Justin said...

Not just gifs, but WHAS gifs. That Anna. I love me some her.

If anyone's never seen that film.. it's worth watching just for the two scenes shown above.

Tiger Lily said...

I just watch this movie this past weekend...and I've totally had this happen before, with the butt-dial. Sadness...

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