September 30, 2011

Bonerkiller: Guys Who Refuse To Hang Out In A Particular Neighborhood Because They're Afraid That We'll Run Into One Of Their Exes

So, let me get this straight: We can't grab dinner at Pho Hoa because there's a slight chance that his ex might be somewhere in the vicinity? And now I've got to think of fun things to do in other parts of town because he's terrified of running into some lady? THIS IS SOME MOTHERFUCKING BULLSHIT RIGHT HERE.  

I'm not usually a fan of advocating dishonesty early on in a relationship, but this would be the perfect time to lie to me. He should tell me he can't go to a restaurant I suggest because he contracted food poisoning there once. When I mention swinging by some dive bar she frequents, he should quickly redirect me to another place across town that he'd think I like better. Really, tell me anything other than you're avoiding an ex.

Because as soon as he tells me that we can't go to South Philly because he's afraid of running into some girl from his past, I get super bummed out. Not only does he have ex drama (which is annoying in its own right), but now this drama has spilled into my life and affects where we can and can't go. That's not fun.

And, while he thinks disclosing this detail is a step forward in our relationship because he's confiding in me, it's actually driving us further apart. Who wants to date anyone with this kind of mental baggage? He's out with me and he tells me that he's overly concerned about some other girl's whereabouts? THAT'S ALSO SOME MOTHERFUCKING BULLSHIT. 

If he's avoiding a particular neighborhood, he should keep that shit to himself. It's like hearing the details about how his morning dump went; this is information I do not need and am uninterested in hearing. Please, leave me out of this ex avoid-a-thon at all costs.


Alan said...

But there was so much fiber! It was epic! You have to hear about my morning!!

Anonymous said...

Besides, what must have he done or said to her that makes him so uncomfortable at the prospect of running into her?

Sure hope he's changed since then!

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