September 9, 2011

Class Notes: Mothers, Lock Up Your Sons 'Cause DJ Shmitten Kitten Is IN THE HOUSE

A few updates:
  • I'm excited to announce that I'm dusting off my deejay gear and stepping behind the decks to spin at POP THE LID OFF! next Friday, Sept. 16th at Johnny Brenda's. This is both POPPED! music festival's pre-party event as well as Johnny Brenda's 5 year anniversary party. Aside from the rad bands we have playing, there will be free chips and salsa courtesy of my favorite salsa brand of all time, The Brooklyn Salsa Company. COME TO THIS! Facebook info is here. You can buy tickets here.

  • I'm also excited to be a judge at A Full Plate's Annual Rib Cook-Off tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 10th at the Liberty Lands in Northern Liberties. I'm bringing bibs, wet naps, and an appetite so I'm pretty much prepared for anything to happen.

  • It's not too late to snap up September's edition from the Shmitten Kitten Mix of the Month Club. Sign up for the club, man. It's free. It's fun. Why not, right?

  • If you haven't checked out our sister site, Shlooby Kitten, then don't. You probably won't like it. Ignore this bullet point altogether. You're probably better off.

  • Be sure to follow Shmitten Kitten on Facebook and Twitter. I write funny stuff on both of 'em all the time. You'll see.


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