October 1, 2011

Pics and Vids: "Men Seeking Women"

Here's a trailer for a '90s rom-com starring Will Ferrell. I'm guessing it went straight to VHS. The premise is that three men make a bet to see who can get a girlfriend and live with her for three months first. That is literally the most boring bet I've ever heard. Why don't they just make a bet to see who can do the most laundry or who can pay the bills the quickest?

You'd think it would be a snorefest--and, it probably is--but there seem to be some gems in this pile of shit movie because I'm having a hard time picking a favorite line from the clip. It's a tie between: "What's your position on chocolate-covered bananas?" and, "The woman was a sex savant." Oh yeah.

H/t to Brain for this one


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