November 6, 2011

Things I'm Terrible At: Noticing Him Trying To High Five Me might be hard to believe, but when I like a guy, I get super shy. It doesn't happen often, but occassionally, I'll get SO SHY that I can't even sustain eye contact. During our entire dinner, I'll just mumble, look down at my plate and blush a lot like I'm a nervous foreign exchange student or something.

This tic of mine is bad news bears because looking down and blushing a lot makes me miss ALL of his high-fiving attempts. Like, every single one. So when I finally look over and see him with his arm up and his palm waiting to meet my palm, I feel terrible. He's trying to break the ice and I'm so nervous that I'm doing the opposite of breaking the ice: I'm skating around on it in a tizzy like an unattended Zamboni.

By the time I engage in the high-five, it's a few seconds too late and it's a limp little slap that makes a limp little noise which makes me even more nervous and makes me blush and stare at my dinner plate more which makes me miss his next high-five attempt too. It's a vicious cycle! Men, don't high-five me if I'm nervous. And, please don't high-five me if I'm not already engaging in eye contact with you because really, I'm terrible at it.


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