December 16, 2011

Good News: Out Of Everyone Standing In This Loose Semi-Circle, He Hugged Me Last!

Wow! This is totally unexpected. I don't even have anything prepared to say. Just, woosh, you know? Ha!

First, I want to acknowledge that there were a lot of other deserving candidates for his last hug of the night. The sorta cute girl with the glasses I briefly saw him talking to by the pinball machine, I'm looking at you! Ha! Yeah, so I'm unbelievably shocked to be awarded this honor.

As soon as he said, "Well, I guess I'm gonna head out," and established a counter-clockwise hugging pattern, I knew that I was in the running. And, I was exceedingly pleased to calculate that I would be the last person he'd hug in this loose semi-circle of friends and acquaintances.

When he said, "Anna, my dear. It's been a pleasure," and leaned it for an embrace, he let the hug linger a few seconds longer than everyone else. I didn't just hug the man back, I squeezed his body and smelled his neck real quick because I'm a creep.

Sorry, I promised myself that I wouldn't cry. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. 

Being the last hug in this loose semi-circle means a lot to me. It tells me that he was saving his best hug for last. If this were a game of Monopoly, my hug would be the Boardwalk. If this were a hot fudge sundae, my hug would be the cherry on top. I'm sorry, our hug. Ha!

30 seconds left? Ok. Real quick: thanks again for this honor. Thanks to my fancy shampoo for making my hair smell great on the off-chance that he got a whiff, and thanks to my coat for not being too puffy so that I could really feel his biceps flexing when we hugged. Good night!


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