December 31, 2011

Here's A Shmitten Kitten Mix To Kick Your New Year Into High Gear!

My buddy, Matthew Rose, was kind enough to put together this mix for you guys. He rules. I was like, "Make something upbeat for my readers to listen to while they get ready to go out." And he was all, "You got it, dude." Consider this the soundtrack to your new year. Have a great time tonight! Kiss lots of people! Give lots of hugs!

Click here or on the image to download it.

Track listing:
  1. Love The One You're With - Diana Ross    
  2. Miss Broadway - Belle Epoque    
  3. Something's Gotta Give (Todd Terje Edit) - Afro Cuban Band    
  4. Heartbeat - Taana Gardner    
  5. Sunlight (Tiedye Remix) - Bag Raiders    
  6. Trying Over - Ago    
  7. Nightcruisin' - Bar Kays    
  8. She Cant Love You - Chemise   
  9. Candy Man - Mary Jane Girls  
  10. Wanna Feel - Vivien Vee    
  11. Pretty Thing - Chaz Jankel    
  12. Midas Touch - Midnight Star    
  13. I Want Your Love - Chic  
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