January 10, 2012

Bonerkiller: Guys Who Can't Be Bothered To Ask Follow-Up Questions

"How was your day?"
"Crummy." I pushed the spaghetti around my plate with my fork.
"I had a pretty good day, actually. My boss said he liked the changes I made so that was pretty cool." 
That's it? No follow-up questions? No, "Why? What happened?" or, "How come?" I'd settle for a, "Yikes!" or a "Sheesh." Any acknowledgment would be grand. At this point, I'd pay him $5 to knit his eyebrows, rest his finger on his lips and murmur, "Hmmm." At least then it would give the appearance of processing the information I said. That's already a vast improvement. But no, he plowed past my response like I was trying to sell him life insurance from a kiosk at the dirt mall. Grrrrrrr.

Listen, my answer is not the Charlize Theron storyline in the third season of Arrested Development (i.e. something that should be ignored); my answer is a treasure trove of information that he should at least pretend to want to hear. I'd let it slide if this were an isolated incident, but he does it all the time.
"Wanna grab tacos from Los Panchos?"
"No way. I can't eat their tacos after what happened last time I ate there," I said.
"Well, where else do you wanna go?" 
"What'd you do today?"
"I've been working on a new project." I said. "I'm excited about it."
"Cool. Any interest in seeing the new Mission Impossible movie? I heard it's good. Could be fun."
See what I mean? It's a chronic thing! He's follow-up question-free and it's driving me crazy! They say, "curiosity killed the cat," but they should also say, "lack of curiosity bored the cat to death: ask a follow-up question and at least pretend to give a shit about what this woman is saying." It's a little long, but it's true.


Anonymous said...

the photo + headline already had me cracking up and nodding before i even started reading

Anonymous said...

Could be a few things
1. He doesn't really care
2. He lacks basic social skills, especially when those setups beg for a follow-up
3. He thinks you already talk to much

Anonymous said...

lack of curiosity bored the cat to death

Genius! :D

Allison said...

THIS DRIVES ME NUTS!! I'm frustrated just thinking about when dudes do this. GAHHH

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