January 4, 2012

Pics and Vids: Holy Shit, This Is The Most Awkward Thing I've Ever Seen!

Well, this is the most horrible/ awesome/ terrifying/ uncomfortable thing I've ever watched. Holy moly! Next time you think that YOUR date's been bad, just push play on this bad boy. I can't imagine anyone having a worse date than this. I'm serious. Bookmark this page if you have to. It's almost performance art. He makes Larry David look like Don Draper. For real, this is total and complete cringe-core from the first second. Just watch!

  And, here's the wrap-up segment.


Ben said...

The guy is a bit odd, but at least he's got a personality. He's doing all the talking the entire time. It's like getting blood from a stone. She's giving him nothing to work with.

They reckon it's all about him losing out, but I don't think she's much of a catch (dropping her standards? Are you kidding me?). She's really weird, irritatingly quiet, and what is going on with her hair? She's showing more forehead than Glenn Close in her Fatal Attraction days (I'll never understand why Michael Douglas did it, when his wife was so unbelievably hot). If she's losing her hair, then thats unfortunate, but then why scrape it back like that to make it so obvious?

Anonymous said...

"When you got a minivan, you gotta represent!"

Anonymous said...

@Ben: She LIKES that Klingon look. If he had gotten to third base, he would have seen her with her appliance on.

Andrea said...

God, WHERE did this show go? It was effing brilliant.

Anna said...

I used to LOVE this show! They should totally bring it back!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if when he says he's going to "kick the football" some day what he means...

Blue Light J said...

I took notes as I was watching this:

1: What's up with her hair?

2: Why do they talk on his couch instead of going out somewhere? Why is she in his apartment at the beginning of a first (blind) date?

3: Her voice is also weird.

4: Are the captions based on interviews? Or what?

5: Yellow ladies?

6: Ok, now what's up with the dress? And glove-things?

7: Don't over-compliment early in the date.

8: Don't talk about past relationships.

9: Don't sing songs you make up on the spot about your dinner.

10: Button up your shirt, dude.

11: "I think your apartment was weird?"


Also, this show was good, but Third Wheel was my jam.

Rick said...

Is it me ... or does she remind anyone else of a female version of Pee Wee Herman? Mannerisms, voice and all.

Lora said...

I would totally date Ken!

Emily said...

This Youtube account has ALL FIVE of his dates...I don't even have to tell you how well those went.

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