February 16, 2012

I Love Love Love Guys Who Walk Me To My Car At The End Of The Night

"Where ya parked?" he asked as he got up from the couch and walked towards the front closet. I gulped the last bit of red wine and set my glass down on the coffee table.

"Oh, it's not far. Around the corner, I think." He nodded to indicate that he'd heard what I said. After he rummaged around his closet for a second, he found his coat, and started to put it on.

"You goin' somewhere?" I asked.

"I'm walking you to your car."

"Really, you don't have to do that." I let out a little laugh.


"Did you just shush me?"

"I did. And I'm walking you to your car. End of discussion." He reached for his scarf. I watched him knot it around his neck.

"You don't have to do that. I'm sure I'll be fine. I can handle the .002 miles on my own."


"Seriously! I'm parked just around--"

"Don't make me shush you again because I totally will." He tossed me my coat then he put on his hat.

"You sure it's not a big deal?" I asked.

He shook his head no. And that made me smile.

"Did that impress you how I used a decimal point in casual conversation?"

"You know, it kinda did! I was like, 'Is this an SAT question? I'm just trying to get this girl to her car safely and now I'm trying to calculate hypotenuses or some shit.'"

"Yeah, I almost got all quadratic equation-y up in here. Shit was about to get real."

We both chuckled as he locked the front door behind us and we stepped out into the chilly night air.


Unknown said...

There was chemistry & you talked math? haha

Anonymous said...

Sooo glad to read this. After about 5 years not dating due to the inconvenience of being in the military, I started dating a wonderful girl a few weeks ago, and walked her to her car on Valentines day. I'm happy gestures like this are still appreciated...

Ciara said...


Anonymous said...

I'm always a little amazed by posts like this because it seems the bar for guys is set so low. To my way of thinking, this is stuff you do anyway if you're interested in a girl, and it isn't (or ought not) be that remarkable.

But that said, while it's nice to know that chivalry is appreciated (especially if you're a guy who does this stuff anyway), let's be honest here. This is a "Love Love Love" partially because it was chivalrous, but also because you were already digging the guy.

If he offered to walk you to your car and you weren't digging him, your writeup of this exact same scenario would've ended with something like "Come on, dude. Take a fucking hint," and the title would've been: "Bonerkiller: Guys Who Try Too Hard To Be Chivalrous But Are Really Just Clueless."

Not a criticism, mind you, just one of those things where I'm betting the determining factor isn't merely the guy's behavior, but also your level of interest in him. See also: insisting on paying for dinner, making an effort to open a door for you, etc.

Anna said...

Physical attraction doesn't play into these posts as much as you think they do. I look for behaviors that I'm attracted or repulsed by; it doesn't matter as much which guy is doing it.

Granted, a guy I'm attracted to can display repulsive behavior. They do! And I'll still go out with him depending on the offense. And, a guy I'm not attracted to can display some winning behavior as well. Just because we don't end up dating doesn't mean that we can't be good friends that enjoy each other's company. Relationships, for me, aren't so black and white.

Also, the majority of my posts are never about one person. They're about a combination of people that I know. Some I've dated, some I haven't. I'm not interested in talking about the guy so much as talking about the behavior he displayed and how it made me feel when he did it.

Anonymous said...

Girl, if he doesn't walk you to your car, then he is a SHMUCK.

Anonymous said...


Ah, I'm relatively new to this site, and didn't realize the posts were often amalgams of multiple incidents/guys.

When I'm talking about attraction, though, I'm talking about more about attraction in an overall sense. Some guy might not be [insert favorite male physical specimen here], but maybe he runs your engine in some other way and you just...dig him for any number of reasons.

So, a follow-up question -- is the behavior here remarkable because of it's infrequency, or because you just like it whenever it happens, however often it happens and felt like mentioning it?

Anna said...

First, welcome to Shmitten Kitten! To answer your question, I wrote about this particular behavior because I like whenever it happens. I've written almost 200 Bonerkiller posts and almost 200 Tip Our Hats posts since I've started this site. That's A LOT of observations I've made about dudes. But, that's the point of this site: to talk about guys' behaviors. I think it's fun.

Does that answer your question?

Anonymous said...

Yep. That helps! And thanks for the welcome! I'll have to get myself set up under an actual name at some point here.

Anonymous said...

It's like women don't think men can be gentlemen anymore..stop questioning the guy and be glad he's doing it

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