February 23, 2012

I Love Love Love Sidekicks

my future wedding portrait
The leader of the pack is too exhausting. He's a handful, always jockeying for attention, calling all the shots about where and when his group of buddies will meet. Fuck that! I want the tiny, shy sidekick; the one who gets tongue tied when I wink at him; the one who starts to sweat when we sit near each other on his friend's couch; the one who nervously twitches when I lick my lips while we talk in the kitchen; the one who shrugs when I ask him what he's doing after this.


I wanna wake up in his arms and watch his ribcage puff up and down while we lay around and talk about whatever bullshit pops into his head. He's the quiet one in his crew, so I have front row seats to his thoughts now that I have him all to myself. Most of them are interesting. For instance, he has strong opinions about Boardwalk Empire's second season finale, cilantro, and the Flaming Lips' creative output. Good to know. I'll listen to his rants because he's so cute when he gets excited about something. Tell me more about the stupid movie the Flaming Lips tried to film about it being Christmas on Mars. Don't mind me; I'll be here nibbling on your earlobe. 

I want him to take me to his favorite brunch spot all the way across town. I want to hold hands while he drives and I want to stare at the coffee stains around his cupholder and imagine him running late to work and think that he's so adorable when he looks worried. Is that a weird thing to think about someone? I don't care! I freakin' love sidekicks!


Anonymous said...

baby on board
something something
burt ward

JC said...

I didn't realize I was dating a sidekick until I read this. Aww, love it!

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