March 5, 2012

Bonerkiller: Reminiscers

"Hey! Remember when we went to that Thai place for dinner that one time and we had to flag the waiter down for the check?"

"Hey! Remember when we went out for coffee and the barista made a heart in your latte foam?"

"Hey! Remember that time we wore t-shirts?

"Hey! Remember that time we had eyebrows?"

"Hey! Remember that time we blinked?"

"Hey! Remember that time we breathed?"

We went out twice two years ago and both dates were boring so I wish he'd stop bringing this shit up because it wasn't that great/ crazy/ interesting/ memorable/ fun. But every time I run into him, he acts like our stupid dates were some insane adventure that we'll tell our grandkids about. WRONG. It was alright I guess, but our dates were like the time I ate a burrito at the airport i.e. utterly forgettable. It's obvious that we have nothing to talk about so he keeps mining the five hours that we were in each other's company for chat material. Just. Stop.


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