March 26, 2012

Pics and Vids: 100% True

via Pleated Jeans


Kendra said...

Exactly. so on point.

Solo4114 said...

Actually, my ratio's a bit different. It's still tilted towards "never speak again" but the percentage of women I've stayed friends with remains pretty high. That, however, is also because I don't (usually) say "Better as friends" unless I mean it. And I certainly don't say it just to have an "animosity-free" escape hatch.

These days, if I'm not feeling it, I find it's better to just say that I'm not feeling it. I also appreciate it when someone else says that to me.

The fake "let's stay friends" bit is doubly sad because (A) it suggests that you hold such a low opinion of the other person that you expect them to wail like a brokenhearted teenager, instead of taking it in stride, and (B) it shows you're too much of a coward to confront it if they DO freak out. So by engaging in that little charade, you end up insulting not only them, but also yourself.

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