April 23, 2012

Calling A Dude

One thing to know about me: I never call dudes. Ever.
But trust me; this guy was a cutie.
So the fact that I decided to call him was a big deal. I had to summon all of my courage.
I took a deep breath and dialed his number. He didn't pick up.
I *gulp* left a message. Truthfully, I rambled.
And, he didn't call me back. It was awkward.
At first I was cool about it.
But, I was surprised I hadn't heard anything.
Doesn't he know that I made an effort?
I thought he liked me! I'm so confused.
Then, I got embarrassed.
Then, I got angry.
Real angry.
Super angry.

Fuck, now I'm sad.
Whatever! Screw him.
He's not that great.
I could find another guy to crush on.
One that calls girls back.
Then, my phone vibrated. He texted me. There was a spelling mistake and an emoticon.
Gross. I was over him. I went to go hang with my best friends instead.


June said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'd call you back.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Anna. I love these. Keep up the good work!

Melodie said...

LMAO!!! Best story ever.. feels like my life.

Anonymous said...

So you left this guy a "rambling" message, and when he doesn't call you back right away you use 14 gifs explaining how upset you are as well as attacking him personally by saying "he's not that great" and "screw him." Then when this "cutie" does indeed respond but does so somewhat clumsily, it's "gross" and a totally valid reason to ditch him.

I hope he has a blog somewhere where he talks about this girl who called him and left him a super weird message, but he's not a dick so he texted her something nice only to get rejected.

Then I hope there's a gif that says "Fuck, now I'm sad."

Anna said...

Dude, you are taking this WAY too literally. This was meant as a joke. I'm making fun of myself if anything because I'm a weirdo. I wouldn't worry about it!

Nigel Smith said...

Clever! Thanks for sharing that... :)


Anonymous said...

Your gif stories are so great, Anna!

Anna said...

Thank you. Cheers!

Andrea said...

Oh dear. I died. Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I'm at about the Bill Murray gif right now.

We made out on Monday! He seemed to enjoy himself! Why won't he text me back?!?

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