April 25, 2012

Celebrity Bonerkiller: Jon Hamm's Shiny Eyelids

What is that? Stress? Sweat? Stwess (stress sweat)? It looks like he has mayonnaise-based eyeshadow smeared on his face. He basically has eye aioli. Are his eyelids actually his armpits? Is that even possible? I don't know; I threw out my Encyclopedia Brittanicas so I have no way of knowing. All I can say is that you’re better than that, Mr. Hamm. You're better than that. Swipe a Kleenex over your peepers; pat that shit down like your eyelids are a 7-year-old and your hand is a TSA agent. Ugh. Gross. I'm gonna go pour 40s out for all the boners that have been slaughtered via this screenshot.

 (screencap taken from here)


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