November 9, 2012

My First 9 Thoughts Upon Seeing This Picture of Joseph Gordon Levitt

1. That is a highly arched back, my friend.
2. Is that a yoga pose? What's it called, the Suspicious Leopard?
3. Ew. I can see his BVDs. They are very high-waisted.
4. He looks like he's being poked by a ghost's erection.
5. Can we all agree that he needs a belt?
6. Just between us, his pocket looks like a vagina.
7. He looks like he's shushing me. I'm not going to pipe down, JGL! Your pocket looks like a V!
8. His entire outfit is a neapolitan ice cream sandwich that's been dunked in sludge.
9. I'm gonna call this look 500 days of Bummer.


Felicia Renee said...

His face is still babe-a-licious, even in this weird pose (he looks like Keanu Reeves in Speed)I don't know if that's good or bad lol <3

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