April 12, 2013

Get Excited: Shmitten Kitten is Looking for New Writers!

Hey homies. As you may have noticed, I haven't been writing as much on this site. I've been focusing on nailing down a concept for my next book, working on some other freelance projects, and playing classical music for my cat Danny because it makes him look especially peaceful when he naps. I secretly hope it will make him more intelligent because I feel like listening to classical music helps babies' brains develop so maybe it will help him? In short: science.

He's probably dreaming about string theory or how to cure cancer
Longtime readers will remember my other writers. Phil and Lauren married EACH OTHER so they had to move on and Lora moved up to Maine to be with her dude. I'm looking around at my contributors and I'm like this:

So, I'm looking for more writers. Guys or girls. Gay or straight. "Dr. Who" fans or "Sherlock" diehards. Whatever. Get in touch. As long as you're funny and have something to either complain or rave about related to dating, I'm interested in hearing from you.

Send an email to anna @ shmittenkitten.com and tell me your three favorite things dudes or chicks do and three things you'd flip out if he or she did.

  • I love when he doesn't mind walking to the restaurant across town if it's nice out
  • I love when he introduces me to his co-workers
  • I love when busts out a great Larry David impression out of nowhere
Conversely, I hate it when:
  • He uses a cartoon image as his Twitter icon
  • He refuses to take off his heavy coat once we get indoors
  • He Instagrams mundane shit like a wet leaf on a sidewalk or a blurry photo taken at a concert
If I'm amused by anything you write and I haven't already covered it on the site yet, I'll give you a go ahead to take a crack at it. I can't wait to see what you come up with! *does little dance in my seat*


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