June 28, 2013

I Wrote This for Huffington Post: "My Dream Wedding Theme Is Cooler Than Yours"

"After giving it some thought, I've concluded that my dream wedding theme is: speakeasy carnival on a Mexican vacation. Here are the things I want."

Read the rest here.


Kelly said...

LOVE the single girl piniata idea!

When I get married, none of my my friends' spouses are invited, UNLESS I was given a +1 to their wedding.

Fair is fair, bitches. Shame on you for making a single gal at a wedding feel even worse.

Unknown said...

Our wedding theme was "Whimsical Fuckery". My husband walked down the aisle to the 8-bit Game of Thrones theme. I wrote a wedding ceremony and vows involving zombies; the dress code was "no pantyhose allowed".
It rocked.

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