October 13, 2016

Wassup? Long Time No Talk

Hello! *waves*

Anna here. Since we last talked, a lot has changed.

The first major thing is I'm no longer on the dating scene. I've been rollin' with the same fella for almost four years and we live together in South Philly with our jalapeƱo plant, Boomer.

Look how goddamn cute we are
(even though my eyes look super beady for some reason)
I still write a ton. Aside from a steady gig writing about food and culture for The Kitchn, I've penned pieces for The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Refinery 29 and more. I also send out a newsletter where I talk about things I adore (TV shows, apps, articles, and makeup) and things I want to kick in the dick (Ben Affleck's forehead, seasonal allergies, Farrah Abraham's entire existence).

Of all the things I've done since we last gabbed, I'm most proud of writing my "Make It Stop" advice column for the Frisky. Even though the column ended in the spring, people still write me for advice all the time. I realized maybe instead of finding a new home for my advice column, I can post my answers here.

So Shmitten Kitten is now an advice blog. That's what's up.

I want all your questions: heavy or frivolous, silly or serious. I'll post the answers on here. Anonymity is ok, so don't worry if you want to keep your identity secret.

Have a question: email it to me at anna@shmittenkitten.com or tweet me @AnnaGoldfarb.

Okey doke. Let's get this started!


Punchy Sam said...

I was wondering. Nice to see you :)

Anna said...

Thanks! It feels good to be posting again.

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