March 29, 2008

This Week: "Times are Tough"

Remember that article a few months back that named Philly as one of the ugliest, fattest, most uneducated cities? Well, I hate to say it, but sometimes I secretly concur. It seems that single Philly men folk are nothing more than under/unemployed weirdos that aren't all that cute and aren't all that funny. I know that's harsh, but seriously, alls I need is one funny, smart, cute guy that has his act together and he's NOWHERE to be found. (And trust us, we've looked.)

Now, we're not saying that ALL the men in Philly are hopeless, unattractive cretins...just the single ones we've crossed paths with. There are definitely a few pretty decent dudes here, but trust me, they're all taken. If there's a halfway decent single guy around, good luck nailing him down. The ratio between awesome girls to awesome guys in this town is probably around 20:1. The odds are against you, ladies!

Well, our dear friend Jenna came up with a catchphrase that we think sums up these dire times. Simply put: "Times are tough." That's it. Times have been tough! Say it with a shrug and who is gonna argue with you?

So, for this week we decided to honor our new favorite saying by recounting some stories and drawings about when we have dated guys who are "less than the best" for no other reason besides TIMES ARE TOUGH!

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