June 16, 2008

Anna's Guide To Summer Flingin'

As summer rolls in and temperatures rise, you might find yourself pursuing a summer fling while you are on vacation. Go for it! But, just be sure to keep your wits about you and don't get involved emotionally. So, with you in mind, dear readers, we have compiled a Guide to Summer Dating. Check it:

1. Keep it simple and keep in mind that casual is key. Allow all expectations of further contact between you two to fade along with your tan lines. The thrill of an arrangement like this is that it is so fleeting. Embrace these fleeting feelings!

2. Don't Add Each Other to Your Social Networks: It can seem tempting to accept his MySpace and/or Facebook requests, but believe me, you'll cringe at his obnoxious status updates, insistent PARTY!!1! bulletins and his constant stream of group party pics come fall. This guy will lose all of his charm when the only contact you have with him is through awkward Facebook emails riddled with grammatical errors. Besides, summer guys, as a rule, don't look as hot in turtleneck sweaters come autumn.

3. Lower Your Standards: You might be surprised at the dudes you find yourself entertaining while summer flinging. He's a pizza delivery boy? Sure, why not? He still lives at home with his parents? As long as he makes a decent effort and is polite, sure we'll keep him around for a few weeks. Does he wear a hemp necklace, shave his chest and wear mandals, i.e. mens' sandals? Oh wait, hold up, that's a no go. Come on, we still have some standards left.

4. Don't Get Too Involved in His Family: Summer guy might try to drag you along to some barbecue shindig or a miniature golf game with his fam, but don't fall for it. Although the allure of possible free food and drinks might be tempting, the truth is that you're gonna forget him in two weeks and it's not worth the stress of making small talk with his bratty little sister or his creepy Hillbilly uncle. Trust us, just say no!

5. Enjoy Yourself: Summer flings are meant to be as fun as chomping on a snow cone on the boardwalk. It is as ephemeral as cotton candy. And it's as scrumptious as a big basket of cheese fries. Wait, what was I talking about? Now I'm just hungry.

Anyway, if you follow these simple steps, you can be sure to flaunt your fling with the best of 'em!


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