June 19, 2008

Contest Contest: Win Two Tix to the Popped! Festival on Saturday

Step right up! This here is the first ever Shmitten Kitten contest. Pretty exciting, right?

Here's the deal: we wanna know what you'd like to see us cover next on our site. Which stories or drawings would you like to see us take a stab at? We're open to any topics your little heads can think up. You are in the driver's seat here, Philly. Come up with something awesome for us!

Submit your suggestions to tips@shmittenkitten.com by tomorrow and we will pick the best idea outta the bunch. That lucky genius will win two tickets to the Popped! Festival happening this weekend and will get to see their brilliant suggestion fully realized on our site (with our own unique Shmitten-spin on it, of course). Yup, you and your best homie will soak up the sun, scope out some hot young thangs, and rock out to some rad bands. We'll be there at Popped! too, hanging out and sketching some dudez. Come find us and give us high-fives.

We're excited to see what you guys come up with. Think! Submit! Win!


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