June 21, 2008

...And We Have A Winner!

A huge congrats goes out to Rachel for her awesome idea of sketching The Rittenhouse Lawyer. Her point-by-point description of this douchetard had us in belly laughs. We'll get crackin' on that A.S.A.P. Enjoy your tickets to Popped!

A big thanks to everyone who submitted ideas. A few honorable mentions we received include:
  • The Wannabe New Yorker. This would basically be girls who wish our awesome Gayborhood was the West Village and love the fact that Philly is referred to as "the 6th borough." These girls are LAME!
  • The Mutter Museum-goer. I would have no idea how to draw this person as I'm not sure what a typical Mutter-goer looks like. I actually go to the Mutter quite frequently, but I'm not sure of the physical characteristics of its attendees. I would most likely have just drawn a nerd with a fetus in a jar behind him.
Also, we'll be at Popped! all day today drawing festival-goers which will be featured on our site next week. Get your game face on. No one is safe. Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Popped! flyer

See you there, suckers!


ryder said...

hi ladies! we are loving this blog...especially your sketches and personal romance escapades. Can't wait for the popped-fest profiles!

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