September 5, 2008

Dear Shmitten Kitten: Help A Fella Out

We recently received a letter from a lovelorn reader. Apparently, one of our other readers has kicked his heart to the curb and delivered the blow using our patented drawing style. The horror!
Dear Shmitten Kitten,

You are awesome, but I wanted to let you know that a girl basically used you to lay the groundwork for shaking me off! Maybe. Not really. You be the judge:

I'd gone out with this girl on, oh, three or four dates. She was a South Philly girl, into riding her bike and sewing, and I was a Northern Liberties boy, so perhaps we were star-crossed from the start. But, the dates we went on had been pretty great and had all ended with excellent kisses. We had beers, we '80s danced, we byob-ed. I liked her and it seemed like she liked me.

So then last Sunday, we had plans to hang out, but she had an urgent sewing project, so she invited me over to just kick it and chat while she worked. I thought, "Oooh! We are moving past the part where we go on dates and into the part where we feel comfortable hanging out. Awesome!" So I went over, brought a bottle of wine, we had cupcakes that'd she'd made, and then! Oh, then.

We were chatting and she said, "Have you heard of that blog, Shmitten Kitten?" Of course I had. And she said, "Well, I drew myself in Shmitten Kitten style." So she pulled out her notebook and showed me the drawing, which was awesome, but which also had somewhat discouraging witty call-outs such as "loves to date you for one week" and "has a crush on every boy." By Tuesday, she'd sent me an email saying that she was actually more into some other dude--probably with a beard and a road bike.

I'm not really sure exactly how related the Shmitten Kitten drawing was to the eventual "Sorry, dude" email, but in any case, I wanted to let you know you've definitely entered Philly's dating lexicon.

Bummed and Drawn
Awwww, BAD! Your letter left us speechless. On one hand, we want to give your girl a high-five because shes a loyal reader. But, on the other hand, you seem really sweet and I'd hate for you to associate our blog with any heartbreak.

The solution? Let's find you a new woman! If any of you hot honeys wanna meet this fella, drop us a line at with the subject line ""this dude seems rad!" We will forward any emails we receive. Roll the dice, I mean come on! He brings bottles of wine AND '80s dances!


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