September 1, 2008

Quick Rant Update from Anna: My Dry Spell Is Over!

Last week, I bemoaned the sorry state of my months' long dry spell. Well, readers, I am happy to report that it seems that my dry spell is over! I will pause for cheers and applause. Thanks to the mystery man who had the good sense to end my crummy curse. I'm sure that he's earned a boy scout badge for this social service.

However, now that I've revved up my mojo, I seem to have a whole 'nother problem all together: since tossing a little chum in the ocean--so to speak--I've been attracting the wrong kind of fish! I had three guys all over me this weekend and I wasn't interested in any of them. In fact, I was creeped out more than anything. What's wrong with me? It seems that my mojo is pulling in hammerheads when all I want is an increasingly elusive Great White. *shakes fist at the sky*

Tracy Jordan tells me to live every week like it's Shark Week and now I know what he meant!

ps- I'm totally gonna get this now.


La Raging Panda said...

dude, an ex-boyfriend of mine once told me "don't pet the cat," in refernce to my tendency to attract, then inadvertently entertain all the freaks in the bar for extended amounts of time. i pass this advice to you. in your quest for the "great white," these other, lesser fish try to get a fin in there bc they sense you are on the prowl. don't let them in. not even for a second.

Anna said...

Hey Panda!

Thanks for both your wisdom AND extending my wildlife metaphors.


Anonymous said...

Dear Anna,

Dry spells are sort of subjective, but if you're talking about wandering the desert for 40 days type dry, then a big ol' congrats to ya!

Btw, if you would like to listen to the complete version of "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah", comment back and I will e-mail ya the mp3. Shit's hiLARious!


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