August 20, 2008

This Week: Carrying the Torch

As the world is overtaken with Olympic fever, we've admittedly been swept up in it too. We've watched the trials and tribulations of these world-class athletes, cheering them on from the comfort of our living rooms.

All this hoopla as made me think about what events I would win a gold medal in. So far, I can say with confidence that I would bring home gold if they had a category called "The Freezeout."

The Freezeout is when a guy has wronged you, so you decide to quickly sever every single channel that you communicate with him. A Freezeout is harsh, swift, and the closest thing to giving the finger to someone without actually extending your finger.
His MySpace top spot? DELETED.
His phone number? ERASED.
His email address? BLOCKED.
I'm like, the Michael Phelps of doing the Freezeout. I would set world records for the fastest freezeout in history! I'd be on the cover of Time and have my own Barbara Walters special.

But, until the International Olympic Committee recognizes my talents, I'll just have compete in the minor leagues on the amateur circuit. Keeping the Olympic spirit in mind, this week we're gonna talk about the boys that we have carried the torch for.

For those of you not familiar with the concept, "carrying the torch" means to maintain feelings for a person for an exorbitant amount of time. We're talking about, like, years. You silently watch as they go through girlfriend after girlfriend, patiently waiting for your spot in his queue. It's kind of like the lyrics to that Mr. Big song, "To Be With You."

Do you have any stories about how you've carried the torch for a dude? Drop a line to us at If it cracks us up, we'll share it with the world!


Anonymous said...

I just want to thank you girls for this's incredible. On a bad day, I just browse through here, and I am instantly smiling. I live in California, and I still feel this insane connection with everything you ladies write. Keep up the good work!

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