August 19, 2008

Reader Submission: S'More Torch Stories

Wow! A huge thanks goes out to our reader Brianna for submitting this gem of a story. Let me throw some math at you: the guy she is carrying the torch for + open flame = Hysterical Results. Take it away, Brianna:
"I have carried the torch for multiple dudes, however I have a current crush who I sent a totally embarrassing email to a few weeks ago. That's a whole 'nother story. [Ed. note from Anna: I've read the note and I can testify that it is actually really funny and sassy and brimming with moxie. Go get 'em, Champ!]

Well, I thought he would never speak to me after I sent him that email, but he must be amused by my pining because he's since exerted minimal energy replying to my drunken messages. Nevertheless, I had a birthday party a few weeks back, and told him that it would be the most fun night of his life and he should come.

Low and behold, he shows up! However, he arrives at the MOST awkward moment of the party when only a few people had arrived thus far, making ME look like the freak that invited him to some intimate birthday gathering. Luckily, he came with a friend and more people arrived shortly thereafter.

The night was going as well as it could since he was not drinking due to the fact that he was running a marathon the next day. I had a great bonfire going so we were all sitting around it, giggling and knocking back some drinks.

My crush was roasting a marshmallow over the flames when it caught fire. He made the move to quickly blow it out, bringing it towards himself, inadvertently FLINGING into his face! It stuck there for a few seconds and totally burned him. Flaming marshmallow to the eye! Holy crap.

It was sooo awkward and my friends were like, "Go put ice on it!?!" I pretended like it didn't happen (until he left when I just about peed my pants laughing).

He is healing nicely and should have no permanent scars. If anything, it will make for a beautiful story to tell our grandchildren, right?"
Wow! This poor guy! I mean, it sounds like he's awkward enough without flaming confections searing his skin, so I can't imagine how he'd recover well from this one. I would've just offered him a graham cracker and some chocolate 'cause hey, why waste a perfectly good marshmallow! Seriously, that's like my life motto right there.

Thanks, Brianna, good luck gettin' s'more action with him. Sorry, I couldn't resist that one.


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