August 18, 2008

Carrying the Torch: Alex P. and Me

Oh man, I am a card-carrying torch holder. Anyone who knows me can testify that there are a handful of guys that I have pined after for years at a time. I am a loyal lady, in that respect.

If I run into him, I get all fluttery and nervous. When I hear his voice, my heart does cartwheels. Every glance he sends me across the room feels like a little present. And, when I see him with his girlfriend, I let out a heavy sigh. Ok, this all sounds pretty emo. But, the point is, I will sit on the sidelines waiting for him and his lady to break-up so that maybe, just MAYBE, I can have a go at him. When he changes his status from "In a relationship" to "single," I throw myself a little party and high-five everyone in my immediate vicinity.

Amazingly, I don't even have to meet some of the boys I carry the torch for. For instance, my obsession with Patrick Stump is well documented. And, I still have a lingering attraction to Kirk Cameron, even though he is now a lobotomized born-again Christian. But man, Mike Seaver used to raise my temperature every time he'd grab a chair, spin it around and straddle it. Swoon!

My Longest Running Crush Award goes to one, tiny man that has captured America's heart even though he is a Cannuck. Donning a necktie, blazer and hockey hair, Michael J. Fox cast a spell on me. There was something about the spunky way he played Alex P. that I found completely charming. As a third grader, I watched Family Ties every week like it was my job. I would kiss the television when he would be on screen, but it only tasted like dusty glass, not like how I imagined his lips would be.

mjf is HOTBack to the Future is still one of my favorite movies and that explains my strange attraction to guys in puffy vests. I delighted in all the clever ways he outsmarted Biff. And, when he invents rock 'n' roll (but, not really) and kicks over a monitor; how awesome was that?

As a kid, I snapped up every teen magazine he was featured in and plastered my room with his pin-ups. It was like a million Michaels in stereo, all smiling down at me.

Remember how in Teen Beat magazine they'd have wallet-sized pics of the hottest stars with some factoids about them listed on the back? They were like baseball cards for us girls except a bit more stalker-y. Well, I had one with Michael J. that I used to carry around in my back pocket and it listed his height as 5'5. I was excited because back then, I was 5'5, too! We were clearly a match made in heaven.

As an adult, I seem to go for guys that remind me of him. I once smooched a dude because he was 5'5 and I thought to myself, "Wow, this is what it would be like if I was with MJF!" Pretty hot. I first noticed my high school sweetheart because he had just gotten a haircut like Michael J. Fox. I saw him leaning against a wall with his hair all floppy and--I swear to God--I did a double-take then a full up and down body scan, just like how Emilio Estevez does it when Ally Sheedy gets that makeover at the end of The Breakfast Club. His Fox-y locks caught my attention for sure.

I still have a Michael J. Fox poster circa Teen Wolf on the back of my bedroom door. I told you I am a torch carrier! Well, I may never be with my dream man, but by the time I'm ready to settle down, maybe his son Sam will be legal. I will carry this torch into the next generation of Fox men.


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