September 24, 2008

This Week: Deal Breakers

There are some things that are non-negotiable when finding someone compatible to date. We all have our lines drawn in the sand. Some of them are pretty obvious; racism is not hot. Being a cheapskate is not hot. Being rude to waitstaff is not hot. Those are a given.

But, as we get older, we have found the amount of our deal breakers ramping up at a neckbreaking pace. While before, we might've thought that it was cool to date a guy in a band. But after dating a handful of aspiring Bob Dylans, we made up a little rule in our heads that says, "Band guys? Never again!" So, when you meet a cute boy down at the local pub and he tells you how he's the bongo player in a psych band, you mentally walk away from him (even if you physically stay in your seat and finish your cocktail politely).

Maybe your new deal breakers relate to his spending habits. You think, "the next guy I date will have to have a savings account AND a 401(k). I ain't going out with a guy who bundles up his bills into his sock drawer and spends every last cent until his next paycheck again. Aw, hell no!" "Checking account or bust" is basically your new motto.

Maybe your new deal breakers revolve around his lifestyle choices. It turns you into a mini-Heidi Klum dismissing Proj Run rejects: guys who still go to Making Time are out; guys who don't shower regularly are out; guys who don't treat your cats well are out. The list gets longer of behaviors you are absolutely unable to tolerate. You get the idea.

So, stay tuned because this week, we will recount our biggest deal breakers. Have any of your own? Drop us a line at and get it off your chest.


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