September 8, 2008

Tip Our Hats: Guys Who Can Make A Damn Good Cocktail

It is always a bit of a throwback to meet a guy who has taken the time to understand the nuances of bar service. When a man knows how to properly prepare cocktails, it comes off as being sophisticated and gentlemanly, like they did their "man homework." Anyone can crack open a Kenzinger beer, but it takes a little more know-how to whip up an adequate martini.

If asked, he could tell you why bigger ice cubes are better for the drink (less dilution), the difference between shaking and stirring, and what a jigger is. Oh, and he has definitely muddled before. Perhaps he even has his own home bar stocked with a variety of top-shelf liquors and fancy bar gadgets. We thought only family dens in the '60s had that!

When he asks you, "What would you like?" And you say, "I don't know; something girlie. Surprise me!" He will make you a delicious, crisp, refreshing cocktail brimming with exotic fruit juices and a sprig of basil hanging off the side. It's great! This guy is single-handedly classing up the joint.

Listen, dudes, you don't have to perform some coordinated dance routine where you toss full bottles of vodka across the room like Tom Cruise in Cocktail:

All we're saying is that making a smooth Cosmo for us can go a long way. So for you guys who studied the fine art of cocktail assembly and serve it to us with a smile, we tip our hats to you!


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