October 15, 2008

Backstage and Underwhelmed: Taking A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Hooking up with rock stars. How fun is that? I actually have a few stories for this topic but I'm not a groupie, I swear. Except maybe I am, and you know what? I don't care anymore. Being a groupie isn't necessarily about sleeping with the band, even though it will happen. Sleeping with the lead singer isn't a groupie's goal. Saying "hi" and telling the band how much of a fan you are is the only groupie goal. If it goes further than that, then lucky her.

A band (who will remain nameless) from the Midwest came to play a show at my college. After the show, my friends and I hung around to talk to them and found out they needed a place to stay and being the really fun outgoing girl at the show, I let them all crash in my quad. My roommate didn't care who stayed over because she was just as chill as I was and my other college girl friends loved the idea of sipping 40s and smoking doobies with hot rocker boys until dawn. I actually forget where they were from now but they were hot, had shaggy hair and tattoos and could sing and play guitar. What else mattered?

So we ended up partying all night and I ended up kicking it to the lead singer for a couple hours. It was obvious it would happen from the beginning of the night, with the constant flirting, but I definitely didn't plan it; it kind of just happened. The bass player ended up hooking up with my friend down the hall too, so they got more than a place to stay for the night. I still wonder what those boys are doing today. Those nice, dirty rocker guys. *Sigh*

Another rock star hookup was about a year ago. I became MySpace friends with this band and I received a personal friend request and message from the drummer saying he'd seen me at their shows before and next time I see him I should say hi. He was hot and would constantly text and call me while he was on the road. He would send me dirty pictures and I would send dirty pics back if I was drunk or felt like being kinky.

I went to see a few shows and we hooked up a couple times. It was fun and I didn't take it seriously. It was all fun and games until I got interrogated by some chick I've never seen before at one of their shows. At first she was being really nice then she started making smarmy comments about my outfit. Then she said she had recognized me from the comments I'd written on the little drummer boy's MySpace and wanted to know how long I'd been talking to her boyfriend. Boyfriend? Oh please, not again. I mentioned how I recognized her from his top friends too and continued trying to be nice to her, despite her condescending comments and snarls.

His MySpace relationship status said he was a swinger so I thought all of his hoes knew he was a playa playa? It was obvious to me he was talking to other girls from seeing all his MySpace comments. And, I wasn't looking for anything serious. I mean, he's on tour all summer with tons of fan girls throwing themselves all over him. How could he not mess around every now and then? If I were in the same position, I'd be livin' it up too.

After the show I had a couple more drinks with my friend and just as I was about to leave he came up and gave me a hug and said hi with a huge smile on his face. That's when his "girlfriend" came up and grabbed him by the arm. As she pulled him away, he turned, looked over his shoulder and smiled at me. About two months later, I got a MySpace message from him asking how I was doing and I noticed this girl wasn't on his top friends anymore.

It turns out real rock stars don't like clingy ladies who cramp their style. It's been a couple months since I've talked to him but I know we'll always be friends. I have another story about the lead singer of a popular local cover band who broke up with me in a text message after I found out he received his 2nd DUI and was going to jail. But, I won't share that ridiculous story as he was in a cover band and-- let's be serious--he wasn't a real rock star even though he sure thought so.


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