February 24, 2009

Tip Our Hats: Guys That Consistently Crack Us Up Over Gchat

There are few things better than finding a guy who can tickle your funny bone via their keyboard. It is 100% delightful. It's like having your own personal court jester showing up at your job to amuse you.

Your whole face lights up when you hear that little "ting" sound as he initiates a chat. When his name pops up in the browser blinking and pulsing, you eagerly click on the window to see what he has to say.

He always seems to be cutting and pasting links to the funniest YouTube clips that you two watch together in your chat window. Your co-workers toss you dirty looks as you almost pop a button laughing at his constant stream of entertainment. They're just jealous.

Having a bad day? After you spend 1.2 minutes complaining about how your boss didn't say good job on that report you turned in, this Champ pops in a link to a Web site that plays the sad trombone sound. Look at that; you're smiling again! God, this guy rules!

We cannot get enough of our funny buddies and for that, we tip our hats to you.


ryder said...

yes! online chat & internet flirting...these are the little things that make my day.

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