February 24, 2009

Tip Our Hats: Guys With Cool Stickers On Their Laptops

I know what you're thinking: "This isn't cool AT ALL! What are you thinking? This is more of a Bonerkiller, Anna." Hear me out.

Say you are at your local cafe, sippin' a mocha with extra whip when this shaggy-haired boy walks in and sits down at the table next to you. Now, imagine he pulls out his MacBook and you see that it is adorned with a Misfits or a Descendents sticker. You'd raise an eyebrow, right?

The following thoughts will run through your head: Who is this guy? Why is he at your coffee shop? Does he live around here or is he just visiting? He has a laptop so he definitely has an email address. And, his choice of sticker tells me that he has a vaguely punk background. I'll bet our iPods have about 62% of the same artists. Do we have any Facebook friends in common? I'll bet we do!"

And with that, you are hooked on this hot nerd. His subtle nod to your favorite bands has made you do a double-take. Well played, Laptop Lothario, well played. We bet that he has a clean-ish room, enjoys subtitled movies and has a supercool cat named Chairman Meow. Try not to stare too much; admire him like you would Dorothy's ruby red slippers on exhibit at the Smithsonian. Besides, he probably has a girlfriend. They always do.

As a side note, if you give a guy a sticker and he affixes it to his laptop, you two are basically going steady. Nice work!


Melissa Blake said...

I pretty much fall for any guy with a laptop! :) Great blog, by the way!

stefannn said...

I think it has to be mentioned there is an upper limit of one sticker per laptop. If it's covered with 10 haphazardly placed stickers, it looks worse than that skater van he drove in high school.

Anna said...

Stefannn, agreed!!

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