March 16, 2009

Raise Our Glasses: We Pound One Back With Fergal!

Tip your favorite small-batch, locally-made Porter; Beer Week is over. I know, sniff sniff. But, before we shut the spouts off, we wanted to blow Beer Week out with a bang. We got the chance to sit down with Fergal "Freakin' Beer God" Murray. Don't know who he is? Pull up a chair.

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Fergal Murray is the Brewmaster of Guinness beer. He's been brewing Guinness for more than 25 years. That's like 100 times longer than any relationship I've held down. And, he's got an Irish accent. Swooooon. Over a pint, Fergal talked with us about his supercool career as a brewer for Guinness and even gave us some insight into dating. This silver fox is a dude that Philly boys can learn a thing or two from.

For instance, Fergal explained that if a guy walks into a bar and sees three girls with different drinks, he could surmise the following: The wine drinker would be great to take out to dinner, but it ultimately wouldn't last. The vodka drinker would be great for one night only (we don't need to elaborate on the details of that), but a girl sippin' a pint of beer commands the room. According to him, she has "power" over men and can bring any guy to his knees. I don't know about that--I've ordered a stout many times and the boys were all still standin'and making goo-goo eyes at the nearby vodka drinker--but he does have a point about pints being sexy.

So once you've recovered from the aftermath of Philly Beer Week, be sure to raise a glass once more to your favorite brewer. *Gulp*


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