March 22, 2009

Tip Our Hats: Drunk Emoters

Honestly, we think it's really awesome that you cornered us at a party and gushed about how you've had a crush on us for years. It's freakin' great! I know you're slurring your words and you seem a little unsteady on your feet, but it's nice to hear how deep your love runs. You mean at that barbecue last summer you wanted to kiss me but were too nervous to make a move? You've wanted to ask me out for three years but convinced yourself to back off? We're like the Pink Ladies in Grease: tell me more, tell me more!

While you do the wake and cringe the next morning, we're waking up with a smile on our face knowing that you let your guard down for us, even if it took a six-pack of shitty beer and two shots of Jameson to make it happen.

So, Drunk Emoters, we tip our hats to you. We'll take your effusive compliments and tuck 'em away in our pocket for safekeeping. As a bonus, you just catapulted yourself from the rad guy we'd see around town every few weeks to someone we'd consider kickin' it with. Nice work!


ryder said...

i am totally feeling this one as this just recently happened to me!

cojohns1 said...

This just recently happened to me too!

He said the whole even though I'm drunk line..
ah precious and I feel the same way you or this person you are discussing does!

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