March 15, 2009

Tip Our Hats: Guys That Watch The British Office

It's always reassuring when you peruse his DVD collection and see this series on the shelf. It's a shorthand way of knowing that you've landed a winner, like if they have a girl best friend or do volunteer work in the community. As a bonus, they will understand and heartily laugh at the following references:
  • Hat FM
  • David Brent: Now you do not punish a girl, Dutch or otherwise, for having big boobs.
    Gareth: If anything they should be rewarded.
    David Brent: No, they should be equal.
  • "You're a cock! You're a cock! You're a cock!"
  • "Free love on the Freelove Freeway/ The lovin's free and the freeway's long."
  • "Different frogs, different times."
  • Is it 'Wank Me Off Before You Go-Go?'
  • "Isn't Schindler's List a brilliant film?"
  • 'Lee love Dawn, marriage?'
  • Gareth Keenan Investigates
  • Red Nose Day
  • "I was thinking will there ever be a boy born who can swim faster then a shark?"
Really, we could go on batting quotes around but you get the point. Dudes who love the British Office, we tip our hats to you. Sure, the American version of the show has its merits, but the British version will always have a special place in our hearts (and so will the guys who enjoy it as much as we do.)


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