April 30, 2009

Bonerkiller: Did You Do Something To Your Eyebrows?

Did you over-tweeze? Wax 'em? What did you do? Did you sneeze when you were using nosehair trimmers and shave your under-eyebrow area by accident? We don't know what you did, but we can't look away.

Come on, just tell us. Did your sister talk you into this? You have hair on your knuckles but none around your uber-groomed brows. We gotta be honest, it's distracting.

We applaud your effort, but your super duper manicured brows are making us uncomfortable. You were supposed to manscape, not manSCRAPE! It looks like there are two Nike swooshes just chillin' on your face. It's not hot.


Anonymous said...

You make me so self-conscious Anna. I'm never going out in public again. :)

Platypus Jones said...

C'mon ladies, you don't want the unibrow and now your stressing that we're grooming too much... cut us some slack :)

Anna said...

An overgroomed brow is almost as bad an a unibrow. But, I'm not just talking about a little maintenance. I'm taking about a full on eyebrow sculpting session that involves a salon visit. You know?

yellaphant said...

Is that a Sandy Cohen Ken doll?

Sarah said...

They make Sandy Cohen Ken dolls??!! I want one!!!

You know who has some great eyebrows? That dude from Heroes who is also playing Spock in the new Star Trek movie.

Anna said...

SANDY COHEN! Ahaha. Totally!

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