April 2, 2009

Store Frontin', Check It And See

We've created a Shmitten Kitten store featuring t-shirts and tote bags that we've whipped up. Let me know what you think of 'em and if there are any designs that you'd like to see. Here is a sample of what you'll find:

We tried to keep the prices as low as we could and we made an effort to offer a variety of items at different price points. All of the money raised off these babies will go into a fund for us to create cooler things for you guys down the line. With your help, a Shmitten Kitten branded flamethrower could become a possibility in the near future. Support us! Look cute! Do both at the same time! Thanks, we totally appreciate it.


Platypus Jones said...

Once the economy turns around I'm getting me one of these

Anna said...

Awesome! I'm saving up my lunch money for like, all of 'em. Would that be weird? Would it be like wearing the t-shirt for your own band? Who cares. These designs are adorable, if I say so myself.

Platypus Jones said...

Ha, ha, the designs are great and I agree who cares? Viva la Shmitten Schwag!

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