May 5, 2009

Surprisingly Not a Bonerkiller: Beer Bellies

While having a fit body definitely earns you brownie points, we would rather eat brownies with a beer-bellied boy. Whenever we see a guy with a beer belly we wonder if he'd be down to snack on quesadillas and knock back a beer with us. I mean, how could he not? A beer belly is like a boy scout badge awarded to those with excellent beer-drinking skills. It's out there for all the world to see.

The rad thing about beer bellies is that the rest of the body is generally in good shape; that's why it's called a beer belly, not a beer body. There's something about that magical, bowling ball-shaped bump that we find endearing. Perhaps if we rub his belly like a magic lamp, a genie will pop out. Hey, it's worth a shot.

Additionally, his belly is like a comfy, built-in pillow filled with delicious food and alcohol. You can share an ice cream sundae with him and then take a nap on his stomach without getting up from the couch. Maybe we just never got over our childhood fascination with Santa Claus, but either way, a beer belly ain't killin' this boner.


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

totally love beer tummies. they're so cute!

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