May 5, 2009

Surprisingly Not A Bonerkiller: Readers Weigh In

So, we asked you what kind of things you've overlooked to date a guy and so far, we had some pretty amazing answers. We thought we'd share.

Those who have sensitive olfactory systems, beware. Katie wrote:
My man sweats profusely from his underarms. It does not smell bad at all, but he's very self-conscious about his steady sweat stream. For some reason, rather than turning me off, the smell gets me totally girl-sprung. I want to bottle it and drizzle it on my clothes: it's the essence of awesome. Is that so wrong?
Wow. Ew? But, hey whatever blows your hair back is fine with us. Nicole chimed in with some of the most egregious qualities she's had to overlook in a mate:
  • a Hank Williams complex which included both being the lead singer in a shitty country band and a raging cocaine problem
  • a meth habit
  • a "harsh noise" band called Woody Allen [Ed. note: Whoa!]
  • a creepy attachment to his mother
  • homelessness
Yikes! Gretchen seemed most concerned about the guy who has a girlfriend and it just happens to not be her:
Sure you say she's out of the country for awhile and you don't want to break up with her over the phone, but that doesn't change the fact that YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND WHO IS NOT ME! But, then you get up early and bring me coffee while I'm in bed. I shouldn't like you, but I love that you'll make me dinner, complete with my favorite beer. And chocolate cake. While the fact that you have a girlfriend should be a bonerkiller--and, for some strange reason it isn't--listening to you tell her how much you love her over the phone actually is. In a big way.
Thanks, ladies. These are great. Keep 'em comin' in!


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