May 4, 2009

Surprisingly Not A Bonerkiller: You Are A Ridiculously Picky Eater

Let me guess: you want to order chicken fingers and french fries. No, I'm not psychic. Do you wanna know how I knew that? Maybe it's because it's the only damn thing you ever eat. You have the eating habits of a seven-year-old, my dear. Consequently, we can never go to any real restaurants because if you can't get your precious deep-fried treats, you'll pout and ruin both of our dinners.

Goddamn it! Why am I still attracted to you? You're lucky you make such great mixtapes and are so much fun to people watch with because otherwise, I would've dumped you months ago.


Attia Taylor said...

This is freakin' hilarious!

Julia said...

that is SUCH a bonerkiller for me

Unknown said...

total bonerkiller AND deal breaker.

Dizzy-D said...

DAMMIT. On one hand, it bothers me on a philosophical level. On the other, shes so f***in cute about it that I just want to snuggle when she grimaces at the notion of Chinese food.

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