May 27, 2009

Tip Our Hats: Hot Foreigners And Their Adorable Emails in Broken English

We at Shmitten Kitten have zero tolerance for poor grammar, especially in "ur" text messages. However, you get a free pass if you are a hot foreigner trying to stay in touch with us from thousands of miles away and across a language barrier. Here's an email I just received from a particularly dashing Czech student I met while teaching English in Prague. I've kept all of his typos and misspellings in tact for full effect.
Hallo Sweet Lora!

Is is a long time, when I have not written you. I have to apologize for it. How are you recent time? I have not had time for my hobbies since the sex months. I am too busy and tired. I am going to participate again conversation course of englich. I hope you will teach us one more. I am looking forward to you like teacher.

Have good day.

With kind regrads,
you pupil
Vaclav Kubelka
Damn, I wish Philly had "sex months." Maybe as a city we should look into it. But, see what we mean? How cute is this email? So, hot foreigners who send us adorable emails in broken English, we tip our hats to you. We just wanna pinch your cheeks through our computer monitors.


Pursuit of Matching Accessories said...

Foreigners! *melts*

Aunt Bee said...

gah. that email is the sweetest. i am putting "receiving a similar email" on my to-do-before-settling-down list.

Lauren said...

Oh man! There was kind of a whole Modern Love column all about this.

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