May 21, 2009

Unscientific Poll: What's Your Turn-off Trifecta?

We asked our Twitter peeps what their biggest turn-off trifecta is and we've been amused by the responses. So far, our favorites are: doesn't like onion rings, has tribal tattoos, favorite movie is "Norbit," is obsessed with mainstream sports and watching them on a 450" TV, tries to force feed me shots, talks during movies, considers shopping a hobby or pastime, hates the city, and orders mild wings. Could you imagine if this was all wrapped up in one person? We'd vote for them to leave the city.

As a Web site, our collective turn-off trifecta is:
  • Wearing socks with sandals
  • Using bad grammar
  • Was in a fraternity and talks about it all the time
My personal turn-off trifecta is:
  • Owning a snake (or has a snake tattoo.) Really, anything having to do with reptile enthusiasm is not gonna fly.
  • Being bald. Balding is ok, but full-on Michael Stipe-ish bald isn't for me.
  • Eats lots of mayo.
What's yours? Leave your turn-off trifecta in the comments section. Big ups to Courtney for coining the term.


Sweet Teefs said...

-A bad/annoying laugh
-Can't hold their booze
-thinks movies like "Dance Flick" would be hilarious

Platypus Jones said...

Damn, talks during movies moves to the top of my list, along with can't put down their effing phone. I should have thought this through more.

Jilly B said...

-Drinks Amstel Light and thinks he's classy
-Texting during a date
-Does yoga

Anna said...

Jilly, I've totally been on a date with the guy you just described. It was not hot.

Taylor said...

Please pass all balding/receeding guys that love mayo my way! Snake!

-spits every 2 minutes when walking down street
-ever been a bully or brags about fights he's been in

no. said...

I'm not sure if this is the spirit of what you're doing here, but here's the dealbreaker triumvirate...oops - turn-off trifecta, of the last dude I hooked up with...

-In grad school for, as in he thinks that is a valid education choice
-Handholding on SEPTA
-Ani diFranco fan

Le ugh.

yellaphant said...

- doesn't care for music
- orders a miller lite at a good beer bar
- says grace before meals. i actually went on a date with a guy that did this. crossed himself and bowed his head. IN PUBLIC. can you say awkward?

thesimplicity said...

- Pretending to know about stuff I'm interested in just so it appears we have a lot in common. If you don't know who John Cage is, that's okay. What's not okay is skimming his wikipedia page and telling me you "totally bought all his albums in high school."

- Not having the patience to sit through the end credit sequence at the movies. Maybe I'm weird, but a lot of people worked on the film you just watched and are probably really proud of it. Show some respect.

- Denies their childhood pleasures and claims such things never existed. Could be comic books, My Little Ponies, or Nickelodeon cartoons. Don't pretend that you've always been an intellectual adult. That's called being snobby.

ryder said...

-know it all guy.
-doesn't have a car/drive
-not social/doesn't like to party

Julia said...

-Picky eater
-self proclaimed intellectual
-wants me to decide everything

Debra said...

-Eats egg salad
- Poops with the door open
-Listens to Dave Matthews

G+G said...

The G&G Girls meet a lot of losers and have a ton of turn offs, but our Trifecta would probably go something like this.....:

-Doesn't like our friends. (same goes for not liking kids or animals)
-Too much gel in his hair. (You look like a guido and what if we want to run our fingers through your luscious locks?)

As far as turn ons, we're gonna have to go with the 3B's for this one: Beards, Beer Bellies (just a cute little pudge) and Brisket.

Anonymous said...

wow, only 3?

i'd say:

-bad oral hygiene
-white socks OR shoes
-being a professional "artist" (making art is awesome - thinking you'll somehow get out of your parent's basement by selling your "work", not so much)

Unknown said...

- wears "mandals"
- knows Arthur Kade
- doesn't vote

Unknown said...

- eats too fast
- swears constantly in normal conversation
- road rage

I'm quite positive there are others but these come to mind as I conjure up the 10 years I spent married to Mr. Personality. (I know, I know...and so does my therapist).

Anonymous said...

-easts all food, including pot roast, with his hands
-has a goat-tee
-refuses to wear a seatbelt while in cars

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