June 23, 2009

Shmitten Kitten Pin-Up Girls: The West Philly DIY Darling

We are really, really, really excited about this: Our very own Editor-at-Large, Jenna Davis, has drawn a series of Shmitten Kitten pin-up girls where each girl embodies the essence of a Philly neighborhood. We'll post one up every week. And, we are gonna kick things off with this beauty, the West Philly DIY Darling.

Inspired by our friends Chloe from the crust/metal band Atakke and our girl Sarah, this fiesty lady can throw together a killer vegan dinner with pretty much zero notice. Her clothes have the coolest screenprinted patches and pins affixed to them, and if you ask nicely, she'll make some for you too. She can cut a pair of Carharts into a hot ass mini skirt in a matter of minutes--which she'll wear even though her legs are bruised from crashing her bike. She doesn't mind playing hostess to bands on tour, even though she secretly intimidates them with her ability to thrash it up with her superhuman ability to pound whiskey and cheap beer.

She stagedives, she talks back, and she is loyal until the end. We love her.


Anonymous said...

suhweeeeet. can't wait to see all of these!

Anna said...

They are SPECTACULAR! I'm really, really excited about this. Can you tell?

Platypus Jones said...

Not only do I have residual love for fashion illustration as a holdover from my time in Chicago (my fashion diva roommate Adele informs my sensibilities to this day), but I also have an open invitation to the punk rock ladies of Philly. Dinner? My treat.

thesimplicity said...

Wow. You nailed it. I cant wait to see the SoSo/Passyunk girl, just so I can scream "THIS WAS MY COFFEESHOP FIRST!" at my computer.

Unknown said...

bwahaha, inspired in part by chloe!

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