June 3, 2009

Things I'm Terrible At: Instant Messenging A Cute Boy

Hey! My name is Bianca and since I have absolutely no filter from my brain to my fingers, here's an awkward sentence you won't know how to reply to! LOL. j/k. uh, BRB?

When I like a boy, technology can be dangerous. Letting me loose on Gchat is a terrible idea, mostly because it serves as my daytime equivalent of drunk dialing: I just blurt out whatever I want with little or no context. Sometimes I'll so excited when I hear the little bloop! sound that I'll accidentally hit the caps lock key and START OUR CONVERSATIONS LIKE THIS.

IMing is great for inter-cubical conversations around your boss and sending funny links to your BFF during business hours, but other than that, I really don't need some sort of digital medium further exploiting my awkward e-social skills, especially around cute boys.


steph said...

I want to hear an example, dude.

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